De Groot International bv is a leading international trading concern active in the field of fresh produce import and export. What begun in the early 30’s as a one-man fruit trader has increased into an organization with several accommodations and circa 180 employees. Through various cooperating companies many kinds of markets are being served in many countries.

Besides the traditional trade and fully controlled storage, the company also has the availability of computer controlled ripening facilities for bananas and several packing lines. Distribution and transportation are facilitated through the fully owned transport subsidiary. The company has good contacts with suppliers and clients worldwide. The foundation for the success of this healthy and innovative company is the flexibility within the business and the supply chain and the high quality requirements (certification BRC level A, HACCP, GlobalGAP and ISO 9001 – 2000) that are combined with a strong trading instinct. Important clients are situated in the common retail channels as well as on the free markets. The assortment of fresh produce is broad and flexible, mainly specialized in products from overseas.

The nature of the products, fresh & fast moving, makes the daily operations in this organization literally and figurative on the move. In order to guide such a dynamic environment short connections and fast decisions are a necessity. That provides a good sketch of the informal, to the point and commonsense business culture. In case this organization could mean something for you, than we invite you to contact us or to reply directly to one of the vacant positions. Furthermore, this company is always interested in open applications and internship opportunities for students and scholars older than age 16.

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